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Through our subsidiary Louisbourg Investments and strategic alliance with Fidelity Investments — AGF and CI Investments — my crew and I are equipped to help you build a secure financial destination.

We help you build a prosperous portfolio through our fine selection of Segregated Funds. Segregated Funds offer certain advantages not available through mutual funds.

Successful investing has a strategy.

Everyone needs a plan to reach a goal. Investment options to consider include: Tax Free Accounts, RSP’s, registered and non-registered accounts, money market, foreign equity, balanced or fixed income, LIRA and pension plans. ​Your strategy should allow you to gain every point you deserve and make your flight as productive as possible for you.

Successful investment strategies are monitored regularly.

Does your adviser contact you at least twice a year? Do you stay in the same funds forever? Is there an optimal time to switch, take profits, or cut losses?

Roger contacts his clients frequently to keep them informed. All clients, who wish to follow their investments more closely also have easy access to their account online. You can monitor your investments anytime. It’s just like checking the tracker during a flight.

Roger monitors your investments, and he advises you about when to buy, when to hold, and when to fold. Let Roger and his crew help you map your course.

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1. When Will You Need Access To Your Investment Portfolio, Whether By Way Of Regular Withdrawals Or A Large Sum Withdrawal?

Less than five years5 -10 years11-15 years16-20 yearsMore than 20 years

2. Which Statement Best Describes Your Investment Knowledge?

Novice: My knowledge of investing is limited.Beginner: I know that there are different types of investment options.Good: I understand the different characteristics of stocks, bonds and GIC’S as well as the differences in volatility between them.Very Good: I have a solid understanding of many different types of investments and their associated risks.Excellent: I have a comprehensive understanding of the different types of investments and strategies, their associated risks and how they relate to market volatility.

3. Given The Fluctuations Ff Any Investment Portfolio, How Long Would You Be Willing To Wait For Your Investments To Regain Any Lost Value?

Less than three months3-6 months6 months to 1 year1-2 yearsTwo years or more

4. If You Owned An Investment That Fell By 25% Over A One-Year Period, What Would You Do?

I would sell my investment even though it would lead to an immediate loss. This type of investment is not for me. “Get me out now before I lose more!”I would hold on until my investment returns to its original value and then transfer to a less volatile investment. “I don’t want that fund again!”I would hold because market fluctuations are to be expected. I’m interested in the long-term growth and not worried about fluctuations. “I know the market climbs a few steps, then falls back, and so on, but usually ends higher.”I would buy more of this investment. It would be the ideal opportunity to buy more units or shares at a better price and, consequently, improve my portfolio’s long –term yield. “Am I a buyer or a seller?”

5. What Are Your Main Concerns?

Under insured, not enough to cover lost income.Looking at your statements and seeing very little growth the past few years.Fear of running out of time or money.Not sure where or what to invest.Feeling the market and or advisers have let you down.

6. About Yourself

Age under 2525-3940-5455-6565 and older

7. More About Yourself


8. Yearly Income

under $50,000$50,0000 - $99,000$100,000 - $150,000More than $150,000

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