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Commercial Leasing in Halifax

roger hamiltonThere are several key strategies or advantages to commercial leasing in Halifax NS For instance, there are lower monthly payments, less paperwork or hassle than dealing with banks, and payments do not reflect on total debt ratio or tie up your credit.

Clients with moderate credit may have an  approval advantage with leasing than with traditional bank financing. Often lease  payments are more tax efficient than finance,  and  you might qualify for an equity or cash back lease that enhances cash flow.

Another thing that makes it easier and a lot less hassle is that paper work can be scanned or brought to you if needed,  most of which can be done by phone or email.   You don’t need to take too much time out of your day to come to the nearest branch or dealer. We will come to you on your time.



Golden Protection is a guaranteed insurance, regardless of age.

Affordable Term Insurance can be renewed or used to cover debts and income replacement over a specific time frame. Your beneficiary will receive the full face value as opposed to the lender simply covering the diminishing balance of your loan.

Permanent or Whole Life Insurance lasts as long as you do. Often this plan includes a 20-year payment plan that will cover you for life when you are more apt to require coverage. Quite often this type of coverage will include a safe haven for tax-sheltered investments inside the plan, giving you options later on as opposed to costly applications.

The Critical Illness Benefit Program is a win-win for you. The good news is this will help cover serious and/or costly medical issues should an unfortunate illness happen.  The better news is if you do not have to make a claim, if you are never diagnosed with a critical illness, then you are entitled to a full refund of your premiums.

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Through our subsidiary Louisbourg Investments and strategic alliance with Fidelity Investments — AGF and CI Investments — my crew and I are equipped to help you build a secure financial destination.

We help you build a prosperous portfolio through our fine selection of Segregated Funds. Segregated Funds offer certain advantages not available through mutual funds. Successful investing has a strategy.

Everyone needs a plan to reach a goal. Investment options to consider include: Tax Free Accounts, RSP’s, registered and non-registered accounts, money market, foreign equity, balanced or fixed income, LIRA and pension plans. ​Your strategy should allow you to gain every point you deserve and make your flight as productive as possible for you.

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