Commercial Leasing

Roger can help with your equipment leasing Halifax or anywhere else in Nova Scotia for that matter, and will tell you that there are 4 or 5 key strategies or advantages to leasing.

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Think of insurance as a life jacket. When is the best time to put one on? Just prior to getting in the boat, while the water is calm, when the dock is dry and the outlook is sunny?

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We help you build a prosperous portfolio through our fine selection of Segregated Funds. Segregated Funds offer certain advantages not available through mutual funds.

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Roger's experience has helped many clients realize their destination, ensured a smooth flight and a secure landing!

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It’s February That means RSP season!

What’s an RSP? RSPs are Registered Savings Plans. They began in 1957 and are used primarily to lower your taxable income, which should result in a tax refund. Y ou can invest your tax refund, along with your normal contributions, and money grows inside the RSP until you take it out later in life when […]

Equipment lease

Commercial Leasing in Halifax

There are several key strategies or advantages to commercial leasing in Halifax NS For instance, there are lower monthly payments, less paperwork or hassle than dealing with banks, and payments do not reflect on total debt ratio or tie up your credit. Clients with moderate credit may have an  approval advantage with leasing than with […]